Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let your habits have a piggyback ride!

Are you wanting to develop a new habit?  Maybe memorizing scripture? Getting in a few more minutes of exercise? Counting your blessings? Then piggyback new habits on to old ones!
My neighbor down the street has a son who suffered brain damage.  The mom explained to me that as he learns and masters a new task, they piggyback on to it a new habit they want him to master.  For example, he has to review daily to remember his address and telephone number.  Every night when he has a bath, a habit that is well engrained and he is comfortable with, he uses bathtime to review his address and telephone number. 
As I was walking back home I thought about what new habits I could piggyback on to old ones.  Hmmm...
Well coffee every morning is definately a habit...could piggyback reading the Bible every day on to that one.  I have to walk the dog twice a day...could piggyback praying for others on to that one.  There is a TV program that comes on every Sunday night...maybe I could piggyback unfinished craft projects on to that.  And during my daily drive to pick up my commuter husband I'm gonna counting my blessings!
Now I'm really thinking about all the new positive habits I want to develop.  It will be much easier to develop these habits if I attach them to habits I already have.  And maybe I could find some not so great habits to piggyback on to and slowly let the new habit take over :). 
Do you have any habits that could take newer, positive habits for a piggyback ride?

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