Friday, March 29, 2013

The youngest yogi at the ashram

Charlotte and I have started taking yoga classes together. We are lucky enough to live near an ashram. The energy there is beautiful and the yoga studio looks over a mountain lake. The teacher, Jennifer, is a giving, loving soul and we are so blessed to have her as our teacher.
I thought yoga class would be good for both of us. Even though I have a yoga dvd, being in Jennifer's class let me hear from some muscles I haven't talked to in a while.:) I signed up Charlotte so she could better handle her stomach pain that she has had for years.
Charlotte LOVES yoga. She loves the quiet time most of all. She is the youngest student in the class. When she is skipping around the ashram grounds with her hot pink yoga mat and her hair in a ponytail, the other students (from all over the world) smile and say Charlotte will be the youngest yogi at the ashram.
The ashram is such a wonderful resource. Not only does it host an internationally acclaimed yoga school, a vegetarian cafe, speakers from world philosophies and religions, but also houses a school of ayurveda studies. I'm hoping when my time substitute teaching comes to an end my schedule will allow me to attend some of the classes.
Until then...peace everyone...OOOhhhmmmmm

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  1. What a GREAT resource to have close by! I wish we had something like that - I'd be there all the time! ;)