Saturday, March 2, 2013


Charlotte's school had a Science Symposium night this week.  All the kids were encouraged to participate. We didn't go last year, so this was the first time Charlotte was involved. From the size of the turnout, I think the whole village showed up. I know parents whose kids did not do a science project still showed up to encourage the other children! Amanda and her 7th grade friends even came...they WANTED to!
It's not a competition. The children are expected to develop a hypothesis, follow an experiment and draw conclusions.  Miss Charlotte made a pasta/marshmallow bridge to test which was stronger spaghetti (cylinder) or linguine (flat). When each grade was announced, our local "scientists" - teachers and high school students dressed in their lab coats - went from experiment to experiment.
Charlotte had to explain her experiment and answer questions. Again, and again, and again! By the end of the evening, my little girl was pooped!
For me, the best part of the evening was seeing the little ones learn from the big guys!

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