Sunday, February 24, 2013

I can't create the life I have just reading about the life I want

My's like cheese, or chips, or brownies, I could really let myself binge! And so it is with surfing around on the net.  There are so many wonderful, inspiring women out there. I could just read their sites for hours.


I ask myself...


  1. I hear you. I love the inspiration I get from reading blogs, but sometimes I can get sucked in and it is also easy to let myself feel inferior. I limit my blog reading to night after my husband and DD go to bed. I am a night owl, but try to get to sleep before midnight.


    by the way, thanks for visiting my blog. I am your newest follower :)

    1. Amanda - It took 5 minutes to figure out how to reply to your comment :)! You are one of the few nonfamily members to ever stumble across my little piece of cyberspace. Love your blog, I'll return the follow - you are on my favorites list.
      Now, go to bed :)

  2. There are wise words in that hmmm! Boy is it easy to look at others (their lives) and completely forget about our own. Worse yet, we don't live ours because we feel our lives don't match up to another or wish we had their this or their that and can't see the blessings we have right in front of us that...are just as worthy of sharing! ;)

    xo Cat