Monday, February 18, 2013

Wow, I'm a creative momma after all!

Who knew? I've often gotten in the rut of comparing myself to other mothers.  Mothers who were smart, skinny, creative, stylish...just about everything I felt I wasn't.  I would visit blogs of other moms and see how creative and clever they were, seeing their lives in their nicely decorated homes and awed by the scenes of their peaceful days in artistic pursuits with their children.  And me, I was just being mommy to my two incredible girls, but not doing anything special. I always felt inadequate after viewing those blogs. Do you ever find yourself walking this path?
A few years ago I bought a book by a very well known mama blogger. I thought (and so did the 1000s who visited her blog) her approach to mothering was so creative and imaginative. Again, I compared myself to her...she's more stylish, younger, her kids so cutely dressed, her house was better decorated - heck, it was just decorated. I felt like I was an okay mom, but nothing worth shouting about. I didn't have a blog, no one lauded my creativity, I was just exploring each day with my girls. Nothing special.
Last week I FINALLY cracked open her book. The entire time I was reading it I found myself saying, "Oh, we do that," "I always do that," "Yes, I remember doing that with the girls when they were little."
I did/do most everything that is in her book!!!! (This is truly a revelation)
What?!? I'm a creative, imaginative momma?  Well...maybe...yes, I seem to be.

We created, explored, imagined, celebrated, wondered, discovered and grew.  Who knew what an incredibly creative family we were...are.
The girls are now older than they were in these pictures, but the seeds of creativity are firmly planted in those little women. (They spent this day off from school writing stories, baking cookies and learning to crochet!)
Naaa, I do not think I could write a book. However, I find I don't need this book from "creative" mama whose blog I used to read.
Think I'll gift it to my local library. :)
Friends, feel confident that you have the ability to create!

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