Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Day

Charlotte didn't go to school yesterday. The girls passed a stomach bug back and forth - twice. Everyone seems to be up and running now, but we are a pretty worn out bunch.
Charlotte stayed in her pj's all day.  I let her watch a little TV in the morning, but that was it.  We try to keep TV to a minimum at our house. By the afternoon Charlotte was feeling much better, so of course that began the chorus of "I'm bored."  Done with reading, drawing, etc. Charlotte came downstairs and asked to sew.
I keep supplies within easy reach so when they get bit by the art bug they can quickly gather materials to satisfy whatever "itch" they got.
We have a big bin of felt and tons of embroidery floss. She cut out her pattern and set to it.
When big sister got home, she got into the act. (Scrap fabric left over from Home Ec apron project is now a fashion statement)
Yup, sewing was definitely good medicine :).

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